Missing The Netherlands: Biking Experience…

One of the coolest things of The Netherlands are the bikes. You can find them  everywhere and in any shape, colour, size, style…  with one, two, three people, dogs and shopping bags. The Netherlands being a flat country, the use of a bike to go to work or to study is an excellent and cheaper idea.


For someone who is not used to bike, try to join to this sea of bikers could be a total challenge… at least it have been for me.


For every stressful experience  of biking in the city my boyfriend takes me in a relaxing day out biking through the beautiful countryside.


 I have been learning step by step, while I enjoy the freedom and the beauty that The Netherlands has to offer to everybody who dares to join to the amazing world of the bicycles.

Now… pics to add some colour!!

“My Kleta… My boyfriend found it on the bushes and fixed for me and added the cute box (made by him)”

“My boyfriend biking behind a group of old fellas”

“Beautiful countryside”

“Extreme biking experience”

“A bit of humour”

Well I have reached the end of this post… I still have to wait a couple of weeks before to go back to this magical country and to join to my wonderful boyfriend, whom I am missing terribly.

Til the next post!!


Donald Duck lezen in de WC

Vandaag heb ik Donald Duck gelezen. Vorige jaar kon ik het niet begrijpen, maar nu heb ik geen probleem. Ik vind het zo leuk. Hier heeft iederen te veel bladen van Donald Duck, vooral in de wc. Het is veel pret. Wanneer ik mijn eigen thuis heb, wil ik hetzelfde  doen. : )

Tot Ziens.

Dutch Shot: Straight to the vein.

So, I came to The Netherlands and I was introduced to everybody who deserve it (according to my boyfriend`s “ranking-of-important-people”).  In the first week I have a little of sightseeing around Amsterdam and the surrenders, especially cute tiny villages with  names that I can hardly remember or pronounce.

In the  first days I had a taste of what would be my life in The Netherlands… you know  a bit of this and that….

As everybody knows in The Netherlands the “marihuana” is legal and you can find it in the most different ways:

“Lolly Pops, marihuana flavor”

I didn´t try this yet… 1 euro.. is…deffinitely out of my “expat budget”, but, what can be always included in the supermarket list is cheese. I can`t believe I spent so much time of my life without know how good and extremely tasty is cheese!!! So since I am in the “cheese country” I have been eating like crazy… no question way my face looks like the moon (I am trying to reverse this situation with “pureskin” products that make my face green  and more alike to an alien)

“Welcome to my paradise”

Millions of dutch people can´t be wrong, they have the best cheese ever!! I can`t still afford the expensive ones, but I enjoy the free samples at  Albert Heijn. (I am a cheaper girl… so what?? )

I was also learned about “how-to-use-a-croquet-machine”. This is really important when you are having the munchies.

So here I show you step by step and for free how to deal with this machine.

“First choose the croquet and insert the coins”

“If you get your money back keep trying, it really worth it”

“There you have your croquet, take care it can be hot”

Well… my first choice of croquet was not the best.. so I don´t really like it.. but I was wise enough to try again.. and now I love It.. There is a wide options of flavor… so go and enjoy them.

After admired cheese and eating croquet we decided to go for something more cultural and typical from this country. Here I mix the best of my day.

“The flower market”

“Dutch people love to give and receive flowers”

“Do I really have to explain this?? It is Amsterdam!!

I have reached the end of this post.

Now it`s time to dedicate some hours to learn dutch. I have been practicing with the “flash cards of Anki” and it`s going very well.

Tot Ziens

Time for some action: AutoRodeo

It´s sunday….

Are you bored??  There is nothing good on television?? So… why don`t take your slippers off, grab some beers and go to watch an AUTORODEO.???

At least that is my plan for today, except for the beers (I`am not a beer drinker). I was never before in an AUTORODEO, so I`am a bit curious about it.

I will take some pics and make some videos to share with everybody who is interested in this “kind of sport”.

But, for now I will let you a video I borrowed from YouTube so you can have and idea of what I`am talking about!!!






Kolonisten van Catan…(after “bacon explosion”)

After eating a nice barbecue and had experienced a really “BACON EXPLOSION”, we played a game called “KOLONISTEN VAN CATAN”. This game is originally German, but it’s really popular between the dutch people. I have been playing this game since my first time in The Netherlands and I love it. The purpose of the game is construction streets, villages and cities in order to win points. Who reach 10 or 12 points first, wins.

So… If you are living in The Netherlands you have to play this game with your friends… you will enjoy a nice time planning strategies to be the winner while you eat nice dutch cheese and drink a glass of wine.

*Here some pictures of the game*

Now, after having a relaxing time with enjoyable people is time to go back to study dutch.

Zo… tot ziens!!

Bacon explosion!!

Today… I have been practicing on my dutch skills specially on my writing, but it is kind of difficult to concentrate when downstairs the guys are doing a “BACON EXPLOSION”…. what the HELL is that???…. Well according to Wikipedia it is  a pork dish that consists of bacon wrapped around a filling of spiced sausage and crumbled bacon.  The idea is that everybody will eat 1 KL of this caloric and grease MONSTER.  I will just try it, because smells amazing,,,, but…. no way I will commit such a crime against my health….

I took some home pics about the BACON EXPLOSION, but I am to lazy to put them right now… So I borrowed some of them from:


There you can learn how to create this 5,000 calories-dish. Then you can tell me if you survive the experience!!

Here you have a video that I borrowed from youtube:

To The Netherlands for Love…

The reason to learn dutch can´t be other than LOVE…  

“He is the reason of my being in The Netherlands”

Well… what can I say.. I am not that original… what you where expecting from me.. I am just a girl!!

So.. during my amazing trip (the first one) to Southeast Asia I fell in love with a lovely guy I met in Camboya… and he turns to be DUTCH…  lucky me : )

After have a torrid romance that went from Camboya through Thailand and New Zealand we decided to star a relationship.

When our time in New Zealand ended we took our backpacks and started travelling again for many beautiful countries until we arrived in THE NETHERLANDS.

“The windmill, the cuek cuek and I”

“Just me”

Taking in account how difficult is for two people from different countries to be together, you can start having an idea of the many situations we have to live and the many decisions we have to take. (In my future post I will describe with more details about these aspects of my life)

And in “this looking for ways to be together” we decided that I will learn this pretty-easy-language called DUTCH  and go to the university to get a student visa. As you can see a really reliable plan (LOVERS) . If I managed to learn English (not perfectly, but good enough to write this blog), how I can´t entry again in the fascinating world of learning languages.


No longer I need to learn dutch to remain in the country, because lucky me finally I get my european citizenship thanks to my father. But, I still want to go to the university in The Netherlands and learn this beautiful language and increase my opportunities to find a good job here. In this way I will finally start helping my sweet boyfriend with the bills.

So if you want to know how follows this story… come to visit me time to time..  you can also check my TRAVEL BLOG  : http://piescallosos.wordpress.com/  there are some good pictures on it… but most of the writing is in spanish. Anyway you can give it a look..


Here you have some pictures of my first day in this gorgeous country.

“Bikes with style everywhere”

“Gorgeous windmill”

“Who wants to sail??”

“Beautiful village near Amsterdam”

“Our Cuek Cuek and the bikers”